Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Baby!

Last night our new baby Storm arrived at the Scannali household. She is Becky's kitten - she paid for her and will look after her and show her. She is a real cutie - 13 week old silver tortie - but our others are terrified of this little bundle of fluff who keeps hissing at them! Becky thought we were going to get her today and I had to fabricate some story so she didnt guess until we got to Jacky's house - she didn't even work out why I was just driving round the block!
I am sure she will settle well - I would never have guessed that two huge Maine Coons could be so scared of a little thing like that! What a pair of wusses!!(sp?) Thanks to Jacky and Darren for letting her come to live with us. Tonight she is going to sleep in Becky's room (after a major tidy up!!) and then she will be thrown in with Auntie Tilly, Uncle Taz and Simba. I wonder how that will go..................

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Three Eggs a day!!

Well, we are now getting 3 egg days several times a week which is really cool! Chloe has settle in well - she is 3rd in the pecking order but I doubt she will get any higher. It means that poor Elle is still at the bottom - hoping for some nice blue eggs from her soon as she is 26 weeks old now. She does seem a little tamer today - she let me lift her off the playhouse roof where she had flown to escape a neighbours cat that was prowling around, so who knows - maybe blue eggs for tea soon..................

Talking of cats, we bought our indoor cats a new climbing tree last week. Unfortunately it couldn't withstand the onslaught of Taz and was in pieces twice in the first 48 hours!! Friends who were staying with helped with an idea so Stef and I spent Sunday afternoon fixing it with the help of a decking spindle, some expanding foam and 4 large wood screws. Hopefully we will get some use out of it now!

Becky doesnt have a school hockey match this weekend which means that we will hopefully be able to go and collect Storm on Saturday morning. Been out and got some new cat mice for her and all the cats have been high on Catnip tea bags we found in the back of the cupboard at the weekend! Hope the existing monster will be as excited as we are...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Arrival

Well Daisy - now Chloe- arrived with Rebecca and her Mum this afternoon. Thanks to them for bringing her over from Stockport. She is in the old rabbit hutch - had a few minutes with the girls earlier on but split them up again as Ginge was being totally horrid. They will have to get used to it but it's a bit much on your first day so I will keep them apart for a while.

Apart from that it's been a pretty quiet day - now just got to nag the kids to do their homework. ( So what's new!!)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Welcome to Today

Welcome to the first post on the new Scannali family blog. You will be able to keep up with all the happenings of Jayne, Stef , Rebecca and David and all the family pets.

Today saw the decision to give a home to a new chicken to join our girls, Ginge, Marmite, and Elle. Daisy ( to be known as Chloe) will arrive tomorrow - she has been a naughty girl at her present home but we are hoping that she will be more of a lady here, especially when she has to put up with Ginge! She is a bit older than my girls so we are hoping that she will carry on laying lots of eggs - we would then be up to 3 a day from the girls though no blue ones from Elle yet!

David got to name the new chicken as he lost his cat Belle to a road accident a week ago. She was frightened by a firework and we think got clipped by a car. She was too badly hurt internally and we had to have her put to sleep - she was 11 years old and we had had her since she was a 6 week old feisty kitten. She grew up to be an outdoor cat who didn't like to be handled much but we loved her little black face and strange miaows anyway (she was born with paralyzed vocal cords). Needless to say a new Scannali cat - Storm - will be joining us in a couple of weeks time. She is another Maine Coon from Darktower Mainecoons to join Taz and Tilly, the big fluffy cats that we already have. Both Maine Coons and our Abbysinian Simba, are doing well on the show bench and we are hoping to show Storm as well.